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Vietnamese Songs MP3

& Karaoke

MP3 Contents:

1. Cach mang truyen thong  (songs during the Vietnam war)
    159 episodes, 128kb MP3 
2. Dan ca 3 mien  (traditional folk songs)
    140 episodes, 128kb MP3
3. Nhac tre  (teen 1)
    141 episodes, 128kb MP3
4. Nhac tre (teen 2)
    150 episodes, 128kb MP3
5. Nhac POP VN (pop songs)
    134 episodes, 128kb MP3
6. Ca khuc noi tieng (famous songs)
    138 episodes, 128kb MP3
7. 312 bai hat VN (platinum)
    312 episodes, 64kb MP3
8. Ca nhac hai ngoai  (overseas Vietnamese songs)
    134 episodes, 128kb MP3
9. Nhung ca khuc cua Trinh Cong Son  (selected songs by composer Trinh Cong Son)
    115 episodes, 128kb MP3

A total of 9 disc with 1423 episodes., including famous Vietnamese singers My Tam, My Linh, Phuong Thanh, Thu Hien, Quang Linh, Thanh Thao, Phuong Thao, Hong Nhung, Thanh Lam, Thu Phuong, Cam Ly, Tran Thu Ha.

Published by Dai Co Viet Inc., Hanoi, Vietnam

A total of 9 disc with 1423 episodes, ask for US$99

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